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Bluegrass Jam Class

Join instructor Bianca Bentz for our Bluegrass Jam Class using the Wernick Method. This inventive and time-tested method harnesses students’ natural wish to play music in a small group setting. With basic skills and good guidance, students start making music and having fun — almost immediately. Bianca will show you the ropes of a bluegrass jam session, fitting in at your own ability level.

- Learn to jam with people like you
- Hands-on instruction: rhythm, lead, harmony singing
- Learn standard bluegrass repertoire and etiquette
- Friendly, supportive teaching, certified by Pete Wernick
- Intermediates welcome, given extra challenges
- Only requirement: play G, C, D, A chords 
  (or matching notes on fiddle or bass)

Tuition: $295 for 6 sessions
, paid through the Wernick  Method official site:


Bluegrass Jam Class - Bianca Benz, Wernick Method.png

More about instructor Bianca Bentz:

Bianca Bentz cut her teeth on bluegrass music playing and hosting jams for years along the Colorado Front Range. She had the good fortune of playing in bluegrass Bands such as The Savage Hearts, Bunch of Strangers, Hummin’birds, Two Fine Fellas and As You Wish. Originally from western Maryland, Bianca recently returned to her home state with her family where she hosts jams, performs and teaches. These days she supports the iconic Colorado songwriter Benny Burle Galloway in her role as bassist for “Burle and the Country Angels” and also plays with the Maryland based Country band Michelle Hannan and One Blue Night.

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