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The Community Roundtable Project

Witness - Experience - Express - Connect​

A multi-faceted experience to explore and

share regional history & culture.


Bringing makers and community together in conversation.

These are community sponsored events - if you, your business or your employer would like to sponsor the next Community Roundtable Project email to start the process of sponsoring.

The Community Roundtable Project #2

Writers & Painters: A Conversation - The Earth that Sustains Us

This Community Roundtable Project brings together writers and painters in our community for a visual and writerly conversation through workshops and studio practice.  The CRP is offered three times a year and is a multi-layered experience designed to bring artists and the community together in dialogue and sharing of important issues, topics and cultures through the medium of art.

$95 to participate - supplies not included

Orientation for Writers & Painters - April 15th - 1pm Riverworks Studios

Phase #1 - April 19, 26, May 3 - Writers workshop with Lisa Couturier 

Locals Farm Market 6:30pm

open to 6 writers - age 18+

Writers Workshop with Lisa Couturier. In these three sessions, Lisa will assist the writers to create a short piece of prose (nonfiction) or a poem specifically about the natural world that sustains us out here in the Ag Reserve. Through prompts, examples, discussion, and editing, the writers will create something to hand off to the painting group at the end of the workshop.  

Phase #2 - May 6, 20, 27 - Painters workshop with Lauren G. Koch

open to 6 painters - 18+

The writers' compositions will be handed off to the painters by random draw or assignment.

Painters will meet first to review writings, brainstorm, and workshop composing their inspired piece.

Ongoing support will be provided via group chats for working on your own outside of studio; however,

two in studio work sessions are scheduled to provide painters connection to each other and provide

time to work in person with assistance.  

Saturday, June 3 from 5 - 7 pm - Community Roundtable Project Discussion

to celebrate the work of all participants & to share the experience with the community.

Community Roundtable Project #3 - Indigenous Peoples of Maryland 

with Christine Rai - excursions & workshopping start in October with

Community Roundtable Discussion December 14th

More information will be released late Summer.

Past Community Roundtable Project Experiences

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