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Painter holding a brush

Other Ways to Donate

Riverworks graciously accepts donations of time, materials, art supplies and materials.


Volunteers needed seasonally.

Join our email list and watch for announcements on social media, to get involved.


Watercolor paper, sheets and pads

Printmaking paper

Bristol Paper

Book Board


Bookbinding tools and supplies

PVA glue

Acrylic paints, tubes and jars 


Watercolor tubes and pods

Paint brushes

Bell jars - little and large

Newsprint paper 


Table top and standing easels 

Watercolor pencils

Charcoal pencils and raw

Trays . 8x11, 11x17 

Large items:

Etching press

Nipping Press

Finishing Press

Paper Cutter - Rototrim Kur-trimmer

Please contact the Executive Director to discuss your donation.

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