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Opportunities for Teaching

Riverworks wants to connect artists

Riverworks Teachers

Riverworks Art Center provides programming and space for artists to elevate their practice, collaborate, and share their work with the community, widening the healing capacity of the arts.

It is to this end, that teachers and mentors, are aware and actively support this mission in their

courses and workshops. Read about our Educational Standards & Class Policies.


We are looking for teachers who are:

- Dedicated to establishing a community inside the classroom

- Values all participants as creative beings and artists

- Trust that each individual has a unique creative path 

- Is comfortable in their own practice of making art and models that to our students

- Unique and dynamic in their approach and teachings

- Views the teaching process as reciprocal learning, "the student teaches the teacher"

- Provides class syllabus, materials lists, class descriptions and other written material as needed.

Teaching at Riverworks provides you:

- A trusted community of teachers and mentors

- Teaching resources, materials and training 

- Excellent hourly contract pay 

- Beautiful locations to hold classes 

- Promotion of your bio, classes and work on website and social media 

- Teaching experience for your resume or cv 

- Environment of supportive artists willing to help and collaborate 

- Teaching assistants, where needed.  

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